2018 Giving Levels & Donor Benefits 

Your gift at every level supports a living wage for artists and makes theatrical excellence more accessible. Thank you! 
Benefits are cumulative between levels.

Producer’s Circle - $5,000 and up
Adopt the ensemble! Your gift pays (almost!) one week of salary for a whole cast (it’s actually $5,600).
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive program recognition as a producer on the play of your choice, a unique set of benefits tailored to your interests to enhance your theatergoing experience, and a special thank you video from the cast you adopt.

Director’s Circle - $2,500 - $4,999
Help us hire a design team! Your gift pays one designer’s fee.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive a VIP experience at one Williams Project performance this season, including pre-show drinks with Artistic Director Ryan Guzzo Purcell and a reserved seating section from which you and up to five additional guests can watch the show with the director.

The Tennessee Circle - $1,500 - $2,499
Make sure an actor has health care! Your gift covers our contribution to an actor’s health plan for the whole season.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive an invitation for two to an open rehearsal. Meet ‘n greet the artists over a light breakfast and then enjoy a glimpse into the creative process as the cast and creative team get to work.

Champion - $1,000 - $1,499
Bring an actor to Seattle! Your gift provides round-trip transportation for an out-of-town cast member.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive a Williams Project goodie bag with some company swag, a play script signed by the cast, and other behind-the-scenes tchotchkes. 

Patron - $500 - $999
Sponsor our rehearsal residency! Your gift completely covers one actor’s housing and living expenses during rehearsals.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive an invitation for four to attend a Williams Project Opening Night, including a pre-show reception with a champagne toast.

 Partner - $350 - $499
Costume our actors! Your gift covers the costume budget for one production.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive an 11”x17” season poster, signed by the cast and creative team.                                                                                   

Supporter - $150 – 349
Pay an actor’s day rate! Your gift covers about one fifth of an actor’s weekly salary.
Donor Benefits: You’ll receive a complimentary glass of wine at every Williams Project event you attend (unless we’re performing in a school, in which case you get a cookie).

Friend - Up to $149
Grocery money! Your gift purchases one cart of groceries for The Williams Project’s rehearsal residency.         
Donor Benefits: Major gratitude! You’ll receive recognition on the Williams Project donor lobby display.

The Williams Project (tax identification number 47-3954408) is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Williams Project are tax deductible to the donor to the extent permitted by law.