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The Williams Project has received coverage in publications including The Seattle Times, The Stranger, Crosscut, and Broadway World Seattle. Select reviews and press mentions include: 

Blues for Mister Charlie (2017)

"Profoundly Good Theater in the Simplest of Settings... These are professional actors, and world-class singers, using simple materials and pure talent to make a profound play by one of the greatest American writers of all time. Go see it." - Christopher Frizzelle, The Stranger
"The audience felt more present, more invested, than any I’ve sat with in a long time — and it gave the performances extra fire... For some it was theater; for some it was church. But nobody seemed unmoved." - Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times
"It was such a valuable experience that I almost feel I stole something."Carla Bell, South Seattle Emerald
"A Masterpiece... Stop reading and find time in your schedule for this ridiculously good play... a smart production with superior acting and chilling vocal performances. For this theatrical tour-de-force, I give "Blues for Mister Charlie" a floored A." - Amelia Reynolds, Broadway World Seattle
"A valuable expression of both the fight for social justice as well as a beautifully created and passionate artistic interpretation. Blues for Mister Charlie is highly recommended for audiences that need to witness theater that has both a soul and a powerful message." - Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

Leicester Landon (left) and Ryan Williams French (right) in Blues for Mister Charlie

Jude Sandy (left) and Max Rosenak (right) in rehearsal for Blues for Mister Charlie

Blues for Mister Charlie (2016)

"The Williams Project, the incredible company that gave us the scintillating "Orpheus Descending" last year, is back in Seattle and their latest offering, "Blues for Mister Charlie" by James Baldwin just provides further proof that this is a top notch company of theater professionals at the top of their game." - Jay Irwin, Broadway World Seattle

The Glass Menagerie (2016)

"What artistic director Ryan Purcell and his actors do is not so much reconfigure the tender, brutal tales of Williams, but invigorate and free them from domestic claustrophobia, while embracing their unabashed emotionality... The Williams Project is a company to keep tabs on, given its worthy mission to revitalize poetic American drama with some modern theatrical daring and a lot of heart." - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
"This show just proves what I already suspected, that this is a company to be reckoned with filled with very talented individuals and is a welcome addition to Seattle's theater scene... One great show from a company ("Orpheus Descending") could be a fluke. A second great show ("Blues for Mister Charlie") could be called a streak. But now this third great show is just proof of a quality company that I can't wait to see what they offer us next." - Jay Irwin, Broadway World Seattle

Nancy Moricette (left) and Grant Chapman (right) in The Glass Menagerie

Charlie Thurston (left) and Kemiyondo Coutinho (right) in Orpheus Descending

Orpheus Descending (2015)

One of The Seattle Times's top productions of 2015!

"Why no [standing ovation]? Because it was so powerful we could hardly move." - Anthony B. Robinson, Crosscut
"Williams Project’s inviting, inventive staging of the 1957 drama... brings forth this rich lava. The key to the swift-moving three-hour deconstruction? Not taking the script too literally, but creatively embracing its themes, quirks and excesses with ensemble verve."Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
"...the play succeeds in realizing the heat of Williams's language and the chaos that erupts when a stranger with a snakeskin jacket walks into town." - Rich Smith, The Stranger
"As for the incredible ensemble cast, there is not one weak link, throw away performance or wasted moment in the bunch. Each and every single one of them bring their A game and are a vital part of the whole." - Jay Irwin, Broadway World Seattle