Lexi Chipman

Season 5: Rosa Malek (A Bright Room Called Day)

Lexi Chipman is a Southern California native, who graduated with a B.F.A in Theater from Cornish College of the Arts in 2016. Since graduating she has worked with Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Educational Tour (Romeo and Juliet and Taming of the Shrew), Island Shakespeare Company (Shakespeare’s Other Women), Theater 22 (The Happiest Song Plays Last), Copious Love Productions (Journey West), and Radial Theater Company (Cell Phone Waiting Lot). Up next she will be co-directing a new iteration of her play Raisins in a Glass of Milk, a play about the lives and experiences of actors of color, with co-creator Maya Burton, which performs in the Issac studio mid February. She could not be more excited and honored to be working with this cast and company!